Discover how policy and legislation are crucial in advancing the development and implementation of clean hydrogen.

The role of policy and legislation in boosting clean hydrogen

Policy and legislative initiatives already and will continue to play a key role in the future development and deployment of clean hydrogen. Two of the most important aims that policies and legislations can address are:


Boosting security of supply of clean hydrogen

Supply-side measures aim to support the development and deployment of clean hydrogen production. Examples include:

  • Subsidies and tax credits for production technologies
  • Dedicated financial institutions, such as the European Hydrogen Bank
  • Trade policies and initiatives that facilitate import corridors


Boosting end user demand for clean hydrogen

Demand-side measures aim to make clean hydrogen competitive with fossil- based alternatives. Examples includes:

  • Mandating future demand through setting targets. These can be technology-based targets or broader decarbonisation targets that will require hydrogen deployment to be achieved
  • Subsidies and tax credits focused on end uses such as for refuelling stations or motor vehicles
  • Carbon taxes and carbon levies that ensure fossil-based alternatives have the price of carbon incorporated into their cost.

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