The European Hydrogen Observatory has gathered and made available new information on the hydrogen market landscape.
Hydrogen Report

Derived from data collected in December and January, new valuable insights are now accessible on the topics of electrolyser cost, break-even prices and electrolyser sales. Moreover, some dashboards have been improved, allowing for more user-friendly exploration of existing datasets.

New or updated dashboards can now be found throughout the website:

  • The hydrogen production capacity dashboard is now split up in two, allowing better navigation through the plant-by-plant data.
  • We improved the filtering experience of the customisable and interactive Geomap.
  • Get new insights into Electrolyser cost by technology in Europe based on 2023 data of Hydrogen Europe.
  • Learn from estimations on break-even price of renewable hydrogen for four different end-uses: oil refining, steel making, maritime applications and heavy-duty trucks.
  • Find out more about the European electrolyser sales of 2022 and the updated European electrolyser manufacturing capacity dataset of November 2023.
  • Engage with our updated directory and explore the main stakeholders in Europe's hydrogen value chain. Fill in our form if you want to be included by the next update.
  • Find the training programme you are looking for in the updated dashboard. As a training provider, don’t forget to fill in the form to be included by the next update.
  • Read the revised report on the European hydrogen market landscape including the new and updated data series.